Kristin Villatuya and Anna Martinez are graphic designers who met thanks to their mutual interests (including pug motherhood). They became good friends and ended up working for the same apparel and home goods companies as print designers in the Bay Area.

They believe that it is their responsibility to create as consciously as possible and made the following decisions to support this effort:

Source sustainable fabrics with a transparent supply chain that are meant to wear well over time. The fabrics contain 55% hemp/ 45% organic cotton fibers. Hemp does not require irrigation and it grows without the need of harmful pesticides due to its inherent properties. As a result, hemp does not require an organic growing certification.

Use water based inks that are free of PVC, phthalates, lead, heavy metals and any toxic chemicals. These inks do not require toxic solvents to clean the blocks after they’ve been used, they simply come off with water.

Proudly printed by hand in their studio in Oakland and sewn in a facility in San Francisco.